Portrait Appointment

Contact & Getting Involved

Click to view or print the project brochure.

Involvement in this project will create a stronger sense of community and offer a place to voice oneself.

1 – Volunteer using any contact method on the back of this brochure. The portrait can be of an individual, a family (partial or full), or with one’s pet for example. The hope is that all residential tribal members will be involved.

2 – Choose a time & location for portrait. This will be an outdoor portrait; on a family front porch, nearby open spaces, or the street.

3 – An audio recorded interview will occur during the time of the shoot or a following appointment. This can be about personal experiences, family, and your association with the place of the portrait.

Click here to view or print the required model release for participation in the project. The release will permit your portrait to be shown on the website, in exhibition, and publication format.