Shinnecock Photo Project attempts to reinforce our connection to the land and aims to present ourselves in a web-based portraiture platform. This project is led by enrolled Shinnecock Indian Nation tribal member photographer Jeremy Dennis.

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Legacy Photos
Matriarchs Of The Montauk, Poosepatuck, And Shinnecock Tribes Of Long Island

Collection: The Patchogue-Medford Library DIGITAL PML

Date: 1966

Type of Material: Photograph

Source: https://digitalpml.pmlib.org/search.php?search=item&item=345&page=001

Language: English

Coverage/Location: Unknown

Creator: Red Thunder Cloud [Cromwell Ashbie Hawkins West]

Copyright: No Known Copyright Restriction


The caption reads:
“From watching the old timers of many tribes in the east when they get together has always been an interesting experience. Eyes would light up and twinkle as some quaint event of yesteryear was related and I was always happy to be in the presence of the old timers when they would get together. I had also noticed that in these times young people seemed to find less time to visit and assist the older Indians.
After the Shinnecock Pow Wow in 1966, I decided I would drive Stella Arch and Edna Eleazar up to see their Montauk friend, Mrs. Eliza Beaman in the country home at Yapank, Long Island. When I told the ladies of my plan, they were overjoyed and to see the expressions on their faces as I dove leisurely through the fall countryside of Long Island was satisfaction in itself.
At the nursing home they were delighted to visit with Mrs. Beaman and I know that she was overjoyed at seeing these old friends of hers. When we left there I decided to drive over to Mastic to the Poosepatuck Reservation so that they could visit with their old friend Abby Carl, daughter of Martha Maynes, the last full blood Poosepatuck.
The ladies did not realize they were going until they suddenly recognized that they were on the Poosepatuck Reservation. These three ladies had a delightful time together in Abby Carl’s home. They kept remarking that they never ever felt that they would meet again. They talked and they chuckled of the incident and all expressed a desire to meet again but they seemed to really doubt if it were possible.
On the left is Mrs. Edna Eleazar whose mother was a Shinnecock and father a Montauk. She is 100 years old now and in the Sayville Nursing Home (March 31, 1969). Pictured in the center is Abby Carl, Poosepatuck, who is now 98, and Stella Arch of the Shinnecocks who was 98 and passed away March 15, 1969.
This was truly the last council for these delightful ladies.”


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