Shinnecock Photo Project attempts to reinforce our connection to the land and aims to present ourselves in a web-based portraiture platform. This project is led by enrolled Shinnecock Indian Nation tribal member photographer Jeremy Dennis.

The Shinnecock Portrait Project is made possible with Special thanks to MDOC Storyteller’s Institute hosted at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, in June 2018.


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Legacy Photos
Avery Dennis Jr. wearing helmet in field with tent

Collection: Dorothy Dennis Family Photo Album

Date: 1965

Type of Material: Photograph

Source: Dorothy Dennis Family Photo Collection

Language: English

Coverage/Location: Unknown

Creator: Unknown

Copyright: No Known Copyright Restriction


“Avery Dennis, Jr., Eldest son of Avery Dennis, Sr. and Dorothy Dennis,, is standing in front of the Dennis Family tent that was located behind his family home at Old Point Rd., Shinnecock, circa 1965.
He is wearing his Soap Box Derby gear- helmet, t-shirt, and vest. In the background is the white house belonging to his Great Aunt Eleanor Williams-Hunter (Shinnecock, daughter of Avery’s Great, Great Grandparents, Rose (Shinnecock) and T.H. Williams (Washington, D.C. School teacher) and Avery’s Great Uncle George Hunter (Unkechaug from Poospatuck).
Avery Jr. was often called upon to help Aunt Eleanor and Uncle George around their house as they aged. They loved “Brother” so much that they left their home to him with all belongings in their 1970s will, the same home Avery Dennis lives in today.” – Denise Silva-Dennis.


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